Cornish Elderberry Mead

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A fruit-flavoured pyment (does it count as a melomel?) from Cornish Mead Co, this time with elderberry.

This range of drinks is sold in 25cl and 75cl bottles, so we bought a few gift packs of the smaller ones to give each one a try! Their range of pyment/melomel drinks seem to be all made from the same grape base.


The colour is a deep ruby that is barely see-through in a full glass.


There is a pronounced aroma of bold elderberry coming right out of the glass. There is some notes of other red/dark fruit presumably coming from the grape base.


This taste is definitely fruit forward with a more lingering finish that other flavours such as their cherry mead.

The finish is a blend of sweetness and tartness. The fruit flavour in the initial sip is bold, but the overall body in the mouth is more medium-bodied compared to a powerful, full-bodied wine.

Mead Cocktails

The Cornish Mead Co’s website suggests using this drink as part of a cocktail called Kernow Carnival which includes rum, lime and mint. Sounds like a good Summer drink!

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