New Quay Honey Farm

  1. Afon Mêl Blackberry Mead

    Picture of Afon Mêl Blackberry Mead

    Another melomel from New Quay Honey Farm and this time with blackberry.

    Blackberry is a fruit that pairs a bit more with savoury foods than, say, raspberry. Meat dishes such as duck would be ideal, but it’s best to avoid anything too acidic, salty or bitter. Many simple meat dishes like chicken might well pair just as nicely.

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  2. Afon Mêl Honey Mead

    This is a “Welsh honey mead” from the New Quay Honey Farm. They produce a variety of flavours, but this appears to be their “pure” honey mead offering.

    The farm is based in Ceredigion and has been a bee-keeping farm since 1995. Today they produce honeys, meads, sweets and other products dervived from honey.

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  3. Afon Mêl Raspberry Mead

    Picture of Afon Mêl Raspberry Mead

    This is the raspberry offering from the New Quay Honey Farm. This makes it a melomel rather than a pure honey mead.

    Raspberry is definitely a dessert fruit, so it is unlikely you would pair this with any savoury food. I have seen one article claim that a dry raspberry fruit wine might pair with turkey or cornish game hen. This is definitely a mead and not dry, but perhaps it’s worth a try around Christmas!

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