Pure Honey Mead

  1. Celteg Medieval Mead

    This is a pure mead under the “Celteg” brand made by Celtic Country Wines. It won a Great Taste award in 2015, which is well-deserved.

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  2. Friary Traditional Mead

    Bottle of Friary Traditional Mead

    This is the pure honey, “traditional” mead offering from Friary Liqueurs. It is 14% ABV and advertises on the label that it is best served chilled or slightly warm, so I guess room temperature is unacceptable.

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  3. Dragonsbreath: Baldur

    This is a dry style offered by The Lancashire Mead Company from their “Dragonsbreath Artisan Mead” range. Wildflower honey is used more sparingly to leave less sugar behind at the end of the fermentation. This produces a dry mead ideal for those who find some other meads overly sweet.

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  4. Moniack Mead

    Bottle of Moniack Mead

    Moniack Mead is one of our absolute favourites. It’s an excellent example of the darker pure mead style with additional notes of caramel, maybe even slightly burnt.

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  5. Afon Mêl Honey Mead

    This is a “Welsh honey mead” from the New Quay Honey Farm. They produce a variety of flavours, but this appears to be their “pure” honey mead offering.

    The farm is based in Ceredigion and has been a bee-keeping farm since 1995. Today they produce honeys, meads, sweets and other products dervived from honey.

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