The Rookery

The Rookery calls itself a “craft mead” producer based in Perthshire, Scotland. They claim they never use sugars os syrups and stick to honey as the main fermentable in all their meads.

Their seasonal meads use hand-foraged ingredients, such as spruce, mountain ash berries, crab-apples and a range of hedgerow berries, which they claim to be hand-foraged in most cases.

They seem to produce more flavours than you can shake a stick at, but it is also pretty tricky to obtain them all. Bottles of Rookery Craft Mead tend to be available in independent shops but you might catch them at big events such as the Great British Beer Festival or even Cambridge Beer Festival.

  1. The Rookery Ginger Mead

    Picture of Rookery Ginger Mead

    This is the ginger version of the “Scottish craft mead” produced by The Rookery. It is a more subtle, gentler metheglin than the lavender counterpart.

    The bottle advertises fresh ginger root with Scottish heather honey which comes together for a gentle, refreshing drink.

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  2. The Rookery Lavender Mead

    Picture of Rookery Lavender Mead

    The many flavours of so-called “Scottish craft mead” from The Rookery can be hard to find online. We managed to get hold of some flavours, one of which is this “Lavender Mead”.

    The notes on the bottle say that this mead is made with dried lavender to give a sweet mead with floral notes.

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