Traditional Mead UK

Avalon Vineyard

Avalon Vineyard is based in the Vale of Avalon near Glastonbury on the site of a historic vineyard. It was started by a married couple, Hugh and Hilary, in 1981. Hugh was already a cider-maker at the time, so they created a cider orchard along with other fruits for diversity. The inclusion of additional fruits seems to have been key to their success in diversifying their product range.

They follow “organic principles” in everything they make, whether it is cider, fruit wine, liqueurs or — most importantly — mead. They also make English grape wine. Naturally resistant vines that do not need fungicide are used and they have won Soil Association awards recognising their organic credentials. They claim most of their production is powered by solar energy since 2011.

Their farm shop is open to visitors where you can have free tastes of their products or even get guided tours. Everything they sell is also available for sale on their website.

In terms of mead, they appear to have just two products: an organic Pure Honey Mead and an organic mead liqueur. With all the apples and other fruits, I can’t help wonder if they are missing out not experimenting with cysers, melomels and pyments.