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What is mead?

Mead is an ancient, alcoholic drink dating back as far as 7000 BCE in China. It is made by fermenting honey to produce a wine-strength drink typically between 8% and 25% ABV.

There are many types or variants of mead including metheglin for spiced versions, melomel for those flavoured with fruit and pyment for grape wines with honey added.

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It can be quite sweet since not all the sugar in the honey is fermented usually, but the tastes can range from dry to sweet depending on the variety. Many are fermented with fruits and spices for additional flavours.

The last decade or so has seen a resurgence in popularity in the UK as well as other countries such as the United States.


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How it is made

Mead is made by mixing honey with water and then fermenting with yeast (with wine yeasts being popular among producers). See Making Mead for a more thorough step-by-step guide.


Within the UK alone, meads can vary from a dark, caramel style to a lighter style. There are also a lot of varieties with specific names.

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Mead in the UK

We have listings and reviews of all the best from across the UK:

Where can I buy in the UK?

See the links about to various English, Scottish and Welsh Meads as each review links through to places where you can buy them. Following a link from a review might lead you onto others we have not had the pleasure of tasting yet!