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Celteg Medieval Mead

This is a pure mead under the “Celteg” brand made by Celtic Country Wines. It won a Great Taste award in 2015, which is well-deserved.

This mead is branded as “Medd Canoloesel” (Welsh for “Medieval Mead”) and they claim to make it “naturally” from honey. It is not made clear either way as to whether this is purely fermented from honey or whether other fermentables like sugar or syrup are used with honey added.


The colour is golden with an orange hue. There is a lot of clarity in the glass.


The aroma is of medium intensity, smelling of pure honey and little else.


The initial taste is a very soft, sweet taste which gives way to a more substantial honey flavour. The body is a happy medium between too light or too syrupy.

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