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Cornish Cherry Mead

A strawberry-flavoured Pyment or Melomel (Fruit-flavoured Mead) from Cornish Mead Co.

This range of drinks is sold in 25cl and 75cl bottles, so we bought a few gift packs of the smaller ones to give each one a try! Their range of Pyment/melomel drinks seem to be all made from the same grape base in nearly all cases.


The colour is a medium red that might even be a little on the tawny side. This makes its appearance pass for a medium-bodied red wine. This might be the due the grapes more than the cherry flavouring.


I expected cherry to be more pronounced and aromatic on the nose, but this drink’s aroma is surprisingly muted with the cherry hidden behind a more general fruit nose.


As with the aroma, a more muted, semi-dry hits you on the first sip and the sweeter, cherry notes come after. I normally find cherry-flavoured things too pungent or tart, but this drink manages to balance cherry, sugar and grape base quite well.

Mead Cocktails

The Cornish Mead Co’s own website suggests a cocktail called [Cornish Breakfast]( made up of their cherry mead, vodka and orange liqueur.

I expect that will blend well like a variant of a Cosmopolitan but perhaps that little bit sweeter and with cherry notes instead of cranberry.

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