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Cornish Strawberry Mead

A strawberry-flavoured Pyment or Melomel (Fruit-flavoured Mead) from Cornish Mead Co.

This range of drinks is sold in 25cl and 75cl bottles, so we bought a few gift packs of the smaller ones to give each one a try! Their range of Pyment/melomel drinks seem to be all made from the same grape base.


This drink has a deep, opaque ruby colour.


The nose is subtle compared to some melomels. There are clear strawberry notes, but embedded in a more general fruit body from the grape.


The grape fruit comes first in a semi-dry initial taste and the finish draws out the strawberry sweetness. The alcohol seems more discernible in this drink compared to the rest of their range, which gives a warming feel in the mouth.

Mead Cocktails

Cornish Mead Co suggest a cocktail recipe called Fizz Bang Wallop which contains some bold ingredients — sloe gin and Chambord — topped up with prosecco.

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