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Cwm Deri Meddeglyn Spiced Mead

This is a lightly spiced mead from the Cwm Deri vineyard in Pembrokeshire, Wales. As a spiced mead, this is technically a metheglin and the giveaway is in the name since “metheglin” is simply the English word for the Welsh “meddeglyn”.


This mead has an appealing pale yellow, but not too straw-like colour.


There is a strong aroma of honey itself, not far off the aroma of raw honey.


The initial taste is that of pure, liquid honey. The medium body only adds to the sensation that you are drinking a liquid form of honey. There are subtle spice undertones that are hard to pinpoint and there is a slight dryness to the finish that adds some complexity.

Food pairings

The flavours in this metheglin immediately bring to mind the taste of Welsh cakes, so I would strongly suggest pairing these two together.

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