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Hydromelix Apple Mead (Chouchen)

Another mead (hydromel in French) from Liqueurs Fisselier, but this time it’s a Cyser.

Apple meads and cysers are a natural pairing to meat dishes. In some cases, it’s been known for people to use them as marinades for pork or chicken. Given the Breton origin of this mead (Chouchen), I would imagine this an excellent drink to wash down galettes stuffed with ham and cheese.


The drink manages to come out with almost the exact colour of apple juice. The colour is a light autumn brown with pleasing translucency.


Again, the aroma takes on more character of apple juice rather than cider. This could be the sweetness from the honey in the mead. The scent takes on the intensity you would expect from condensed apple flavours such as the flavourings used in confectionery.


The palate is met with an immediate, notable (but not too intense) body of sweet apple. The taste lingers for a good amount of time, mellowing out to notes of the underlying honey combined with some of the tartness from the apples. I think it’s fair to say this is a relatively complex drink overall and does drink like it would pair excellently with the right foods.

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