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Hydromelix Grapefruit Mead (Chouchen)

A bold melomel flavour from Brittany-based Chouchen producer Liqueurs Fisselier: “hydromel au pamplemousse” or grapefruit mead.


The colour barely deviates from Fisselier Hydromelix Classic Mead. There might be a very slight pink hue, but I also might be imagining it.


The first whiff gives up a nice grapefruit aroma, but slight chemical notes come shortly after. As with a lot of citrus fruits these days, it’s hard not to be reminded of washing-up liquid when you smell the flavour.


The initial sip brings all the sweet flavours first. There is a subtle base sweetness from the honey combined with the fruity aspects of the grapefruit flavour. The aftertaste is pretty much exactly the same as grapefruit juice itself.

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