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Fisselier Hydromelix Salted Caramel Mead

Salted caramel is a very popular flavour in almost anything these days, so it was inevitable that we would eventually see a salted caramel mead.

This mead is another Chouchen in the Hydromelix range from the Brittany-based producer Liqueurs Fisselier.

It is suggested to have these meads as an aperitif before dinner, but this flavour is likely better as a dessert wine to accompany rich desserts such as cheesecakes. Such a strong, sweet taste is likely to be too intense as a pre-dinner drink.


Unsurprisingly, this mead has taken the caramel colour from its flavouring. It has a deep orange-brown translucency and a nice clarity.


Notes of caramel and confectionery are immediately obvious on the nose and it is not a subtle flavour. There is honey in the bouquet as well, but it takes a back seat to the flavouring.


The initial sip brings all the confectionery as promised by the aroma. There is a little bit of body and chewiness from the caramel, but not overly so.

The length of the flavour is surprising, however, with a the alcohol and a little bit of tartness coming in for the aftertaste. It is certainly more complex than you might expect.

It is perhaps a little sickly sweet at room temperature, so do consider chilling as a dessert wine with rich desserts.

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