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Friary Liqueurs

Friary Liqueurs are a family-run liqueur company based in Frome, Somerset. They hand-craft liqueurs and meads in small batches (under 100 litres).

They are predominantly a producer of liqueurs with a series flavoured vodka liqueurs, gin liqueurs and most importantly a handful of meads. In this respect, you might consider them a liqueur producer who includes mead in their range rather than a dedicated mead maker. Whether there is any benefit of such a focus is something you can judge yourself by drinking!

Many of their drinks are sold in bottles with interesting shapes, such as Christmas trees, heart shapes or stars, which could make them a good choice for interesting gifts.

So far, we have got our hands on a traditional (pure honey) mead, a spiced mead (metheglin), a “Christmas mead” which is also spiced and finally a mead liqueur from their “Classic Collection”. This collection is made up of other fruit-based liqueurs such as apple, ginger, apricot brandy and a sloe liqueur.

There are many others of course, but our focus will be on the mead liqueurs!

As Friary specialise in all sorts of liqueurs, there isn’t much specific information given about the ingredients for their meads or the kind of honey used. Again, a dedicated mead maker might want to show off a bit more with their choice of ingredients.

Their website does claim however that they select and source the “finest ingredients”, so given their hand-crafting approach I would assume they have put some thought into it!