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Heligan Blackberry Mead

From the Cornish Mead Co.’s “Heligan” range, this is a blackberry melomel based on a red grape base (so it qualifies as a Pyment as well).

From their own website:

Inspired by the Lost Gardens of Heligan’s rich flora and fauna, the Cornish Mead Co have produced this traditional red grape based rich Blackberry Mead


The colour is an opaque ruby red, perhaps indistinguishable from a red wine with a similar deep, ruby appearance.


The blackberry aroma is present, but not overpowering. Some honey notes are detectable if you root around for a bit.


The first sip is immediately a mix of medium sweet honey with a tartness coming from the blackberries to balance it out. The tartness might be a bit strong at first, but it mellows a little with air as it opens up in the glass.

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