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Lindisfarne Dark Mead

Another from the famous Lindisfarne range and this this it’s their “dark” offering. Again, as with all their offerings, this is technical a pyment due to grapes being the original fermentable in the production.

Darker meads (or pyments) are relatively common and can come from caramelising the honey before fermentation. The description on the bottle does not confirm if caramelisation is used in their process however (maybe someone can confirm in the comments below).


The colour is a medium-light brown, but perhaps not nearly as dark as some of the treacle-based meads from The Lancashire Mead Company.


The nose is subtle with some very slight hints of caramel. There is not much else that can be picked up from aroma alone.


The initial taste offers some toffee/caramel flavours but not overly pronounced nor specific. The finish is sweet, perhaps sweeter than the original Lindisfarne Mead.

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