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Lindisfarne Pink Mead

A pink mead from the well-known Lindisfarne range. This appears to vary from their original Lindisfarne Mead by having a hint of orange in the taste and a pink blush colour, presumably from the grape fermentation. As grapes as used — as in all their meads — this is technical a Pyment.

The copy on the bottle promotes the pink blush colour as “the delicate colour of blushing romance” and they are suggesting this drink for occasions such as wedding receptions and garden parties.


This Pyment is almost the exact colour of a rosé blush wine. Given grapes are the base fermentable in a Pyment, it is likely it has been made just like a rosé wine before being sweetened with honey.


The orange aroma is the first to leap out of the glass with some of the spirits clearly notable in the bouquet. There are some floral notes reminiscent of spring blossom.


There is an orange blossom flavour at the front on first taste. Some of the honey “mead” characteristics make up with aftertaste with some hints of spirit.

There are perfume notes in amongst the floral which are either added artificially or come from the use of an aromatic grape.

The flavour is fairly intense overall so this drink is better served chilled.


One thing we tried to mute the floral intensity is to mix this pink mead with an equal amount of dry prosecco. This worked quite well to produce a chilled, refreshing, floral drink with a nice balance of sweet and dry.

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