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Lindisfarne Spiced Mead

Another classic Pyment from Lindisfarne, but this time flavoured with a blend of spices.

This is apparently the first new mead for half a century as traditionally they produced only their classic variety since the 1960s.

From their own website:

Proudly announcing our brand new Lindisfarne Spiced Mead!  Our first new mead in nearly half a century, it blends carefully chosen spices with our already famous mead to produce a delicious seasonal taste.

A spiced mead is a good additional to any Christmas. It works well as both a post-dinner dessert wine or warmed to be drunk like a mulled wine as the nights get shorter. The comparison to Lyme Bay Christmas Mead mead is hard to avoid.


This is still rather light in colour, which is likely an effect of this being being a Pyment made from fermenting grape juice. There are more orange hues than the classic Lindisfarne Mead though.


The aroma reminds quite vividly of gingerbread and lebkuchen. This follows natrally from a blend of spices inseperable from associations with Christmas.


The grape base yields some dryness and acidity, albeit only subtly. This leads to a refreshing “session” mead. The spices are notable, but perhaps more strongly so in the aroma. In the taste, the spices sit nicely within the body of the drink for a refreshing drink perfect for winter months. I’ve not tried it warmed yet, but it seems that would work nicely for a Christmas drink.

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