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Lyme Bay Traditional Mead

Lyme Bay Winery in Axminster produces a lot of traditional English drinks including mead, fruit wines and liqueurs. Their traditional mead is perhaps their flagship mead, which sells pretty well due to being stocked at English Heritage gifts shops up and down England.

Lyme Bay Winery’s traditional mead was awarded a one star “Great Taste” gold award in 2013 and it is certainly well-deserved.


This is a relatively dark style, with usual notes of burnt caramel and a reasonable body to balance out the honey sweetness. This is perhaps similar in style to Moniack Mead and there’s quite the debate as to which comes first between the two!


The first aroma is definitely a sweet one, perhaps more strongly so than the Moniack mead. There is also more of a fruity aroma whereas some similar meads — like the Moniack again — might be a little more floral.


The first taste is just on the dry side of sweet — compared to some sweeter meads in the darker style. There are stronger burnt notes also on the finish, which ultimately leads to a pleasing balance of toasty flavours and sweetness.

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