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Afon Mêl Ginger Mead

A metheglin (or spiced mead) from New Quay Honey Farm flavoured with ginger with a subtle, smooth taste.

The Afon Mêl are proudly made from pure honey as the fermentable and it shows in a pure, smooth taste. This ginger-flavoured metheglin builds on top of that high-quality base with a muted ginger flavouring that does not overwhelm.

Their meads are also matured in casks for a process that takes two years overall, so this is likely contributing to the smoothness and maturity of the final product.


The colour is slightly more golden than the pure mead, but still fairly clear and see-through in the glass.


The aroma is somewhere between subtle and pronounced, but with an almost fruity body from the honey itself. There is a ginger scent at the back, but it’s subtle and the overall node is definitely honey-forward.


As with the nose, a sweet and round flavour hits you first with the ginger tingling at the back for a long finish. This mead has a substantial mouth-feel and is overall well-balanced between the sweetness and the ginger spice.

Food pairing

This mead could pair well with a curry or other spicy main dish. A bold choice might be to try pairing with salmon or other seafoods.

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