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Afon Mêl Raspberry Mead

Picture of Afon Mêl Raspberry Mead

This is the raspberry offering from the New Quay Honey Farm. This makes it a melomel rather than a pure honey mead.

Raspberry is definitely a dessert fruit, so it is unlikely you would pair this with any savoury food. I have seen one article claim that a dry raspberry fruit wine might pair with turkey or cornish game hen. This is definitely a mead and not dry, but perhaps it’s worth a try around Christmas!

Raspberry and white chocolate are a classic pairing in many desserts and baked goods, so it stands to reason we might pair raspberry mead with a white chocolate cheesecake or other similar desserts. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried this!


The body is a deep red-brown colour you would see in a jar of raspberry jam. The colour is lighter towards the edges.


The raspberry aroma is immediately notable simply upon opening the bottle. Closer to the glass, there are bolder notes from the alcohol and the honey.


The raspberry flavour suggests similarities with raspberry jam, but the initial taste is actually a little more tart and complex. The comparisons to jam are not totally unwarranted as there is the expected blend of raspberry and sweetness. Some of the complexity might come from the honey base, which is certainly evident in the finish.


Given the jammy intensity of this mead, it dilutes nicely with an extra-dry prosecco for a chilled, refreshing summer drink.

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