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Omnipollo Magic 1.618 Mead

I was convinced to try this “1.618 Mead” (1.618 is the Golden Ratio) from Ominpollo on the basis it was akin to a “Champagne” of meads. I think it is a delightful drink as pre-dinner aperitif in place of Prosecco or Champagne.

This is definitely an interesting, experimental drink for sure. Omnipollo are Swedish, so it might be tempting to mention their Viking heritage, but this drink is incredibly contemporary. It must be quite far removed from traditional Viking mead!


Fizzes in a lively way not too far from prosecco. The colour is only slightly more yellow that a prosecco or Champagne. You may be able to pour this in Champagne flutes as an aperitif and fool a few people briefly!


A crisp, refreshing taste. The grapefruit balances with the honey for a drink that would compete with many sparkling wines.