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The London Honey Co. Long Mynd Heather Honey Mead

The London Honey Co. claims to be the first mead producer in London. This mead is perhaps more a Cyser with the Kentish apples added to the Shropshire heather honey. The drink is finished with calvados and grape juice making this an interesting drink with aspects of mead, cider and wine.


This drink is a pale golden colour with remarkable clarity. This is perhaps closer to a sweet, white wine like Gewürztraminer in appearance. This may be unsurprising given the use of apples and grapes in the recipe.


There is a fragrant — arguably floral — honey aroma with a sense of depth. There are some fruit characteristics, but it is hard to pick out certain fruits in particular.


The taste is surprisingly dry given the flora and honey aromas. The grape juice is bringing with it the usual sourness and acidity you would get from a white wine grape such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chenin Blanc.

It is definitely a Cyser or Pyment rather than a mead. There are some honey undertones that add a notable amount of complexity to the overall drink, but the body is a little lacking and the finish is somewhat short.

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