Scottish Meads

The most famous mead associated with Scotland is probably Moniack mead. It is named after Moniack castle near Inverness, but production has moved down to Devon after Highland Wineries was fully bought by Lyme Bay Winery. We have kept the “Scottish” tag on this mead to honour its history, but we must also acknowledge truly Scottish mead producers too.

The most impressive we have come across so far is The Rookery, who produce “Craft mead” in Perthshire. Read more about them on our page on The Rookery.

We have also stumbled across Beehive Brae (see their website) thanks to an article in The Herald claiming they saw a huge boost in sales thanks to Game of Thrones. Sales from their mead and honey beer go to support Plan Bee, an initiative to promote corporate adoption of bee hives for sustainability.

We have struggled so far to find more producers in Scotland. England seems to be dominating the more modern “craft” scene with trendy producers such as Zymurgorium while both Wales and South-West England do well for the more traditional approaches with New Quay Honey Farm’s Afon Mêl and Lyme Bay.

Do you know of any more producers in Scotland we are yet to find? Please let us know in the comments!

  1. The Rookery Ginger Mead

    Picture of Rookery Ginger Mead

    This is the ginger version of the “Scottish craft mead” produced by The Rookery. It is a more subtle, gentler metheglin than the lavender counterpart.

    The bottle advertises fresh ginger root with Scottish heather honey which comes together for a gentle, refreshing drink.

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  2. Moniack Mead

    Bottle of Moniack Mead

    Moniack Mead is one of our absolute favourites. It’s an excellent example of the darker pure mead style with additional notes of caramel, maybe even slightly burnt.

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  3. The Rookery Lavender Mead

    Picture of Rookery Lavender Mead

    The many flavours of so-called “Scottish craft mead” from The Rookery can be hard to find online. We managed to get hold of some flavours, one of which is this “Lavender Mead”.

    The notes on the bottle say that this mead is made with dried lavender to give a sweet mead with floral notes.

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