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Ah Mucen Cab Chilli Craft Mead

A creation of the gods!”, say Zymurgorium. This brew certainly grabs the attention with promises of “White Creamy Mexican Honey, Cocoa-Nibs, Vanilla, Phoenix & El Dorado Hops And A Wee Pinch Of Deseeded Mild Ancho Chillies”.

Ah-Muzen-Cab or Ah Mucen Cab is apparently a Mayan god of bees and honey, so Zymurgorium were motivated to dedicate a craft mead based on flavours familiar to his worshippers.

The ingredient list boasts an impressive:


This drink has a cloudy, pale yellow colour. The fizz is quite lively on first pour, but it calms down quickly.


Definite notes of apricot on the nose. Ancho chilli notably absent from the aroma, but it is supposedly kept mild in this respect.


A complex drink on first sip. There are peach and apricot fruit flavours that naturally come through. The chocolate and vanilla seem to add to the complexity of the overall body without being distinctive tastes in their own right. The finish leads to the chilli taste which can linger for some time as a pleasant, mild, slow burn.

This is perhaps a medium sweet. The honey sweetness is still present, but not as pronounced as many other meads.

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Seems to be no longer available.