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Cornish Mead Liqueur

A mead liqueur from Cornish Mead Co. It comes in at a fortified wine strength of 17% ABV and can be drunk alone or with a mixer such as lemonade.

They refer to it as a “Mead for adults” and advertise it as a stronger version of their Cornish Mead Wine, but with an equally “smooth” taste.


The colour is a burnt orange similar to their mead wine, but perhaps a little more on the tawny side.


The arome is still very subtle and it is difficult to discern much other than slightly sweet notes backed with alcohol.


There is more of a body than with the mead wine, for sure. The strength and body emphasises some of the flavours of the honey and the taste is overall medium-sweet.

It drinks pretty smoothly consider its alcoholic strenght and is even more quaffable chilled or over ice. The alcohol doesn’t burn much in the mouth, so this may be one of those drinks where the alcohol is dangerously hidden and a whole bottle can disappear before you know it.

Mead Cocktails

The suggested cocktail from the Cornish Mead Co is one called Wrecked with the ominous tag line that simply says “You will be.”

I’m sure a blend of this liqueur, vodka and wine is bound to pack a punch!

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