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Mead Liqueurs

There is certainly a lot of variety under the “mead” banner these days. While strictly, there are different Types of Mead, the term mead seems to have been accepted for a broad range of drinks derived from honey.

Traditional mead was typically brewed to wine strength, which follows naturally from the high sugar content in honey and the usage of yeasts popular in wine making. However, the rise in popularity of mead has brought much creativity to the industry and given us a lot more choice.

In one direction, there is the rise in beer-strength “craft mead” that can typically be in the region of 5% ABV. This makes it more of a session “pub” drink. Then in the other direction, there are of course stronger liqueurs derived from mead or honey too.

In our list below, we have tried any we find that specifically put “mead” in the name. This might include simple liqueurs that are flavoured with honey but also liqueur-strength drinks that are truly derived from a mead recipe.

It is common to make a traditional mead and then fortify with spirits such as whisky. This is certainly the case with Friary Mead Liqueur. Honey and whisky have a long history together not only because of the medicinal properties they bring to a hot toddy!

Mead liqueurs found so far: