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Friary Christmas Mead

Bottle of Friary Christmas Mead

Another metheglin (or spiced mead) from Friary Liqueurs with a Christmas theme. This one is not listed on Friary’s own website, so either I’m getting hold of rare stock or this one is no longer produced.

Let me know in the comments if you know if they are still making this!


It’s subtle, but I think this is slightly darker and more golden than the spiced mead they make. The viscosity is still not the highest, so I’m expecting a reasonable amount of sugar is fermented away as with the traditional mead.


The aroma seems less intense than their spiced mead and perhaps more rounded and fruitier. The honey base is more pronounced and forms part of the bouquet rather than being masked by the spice flavours.


The initial sip brings a bigger hit of spice than the other spiced offering. There is a little sourness or citrus-style zest in the middle, which hints that maybe they have flavoured it as such as is the case with Lyme Bay Christmas Mead mead.

The honey base packs more of a punch in the middle and the taste is shorter, again comparing it to their other metheglin. It’s still a very pleasant taste and I think well set up to pair with Christmas desserts.

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