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Friary Mead Liqueur

Bottle of Friary Mead Liqueur

Friary Liqueurs make an interesting mead liqueur in their “classic collection”. It is blended with a 3 year old blended Scottish whisky and weighs in at 18% ABV.

Their recommended recipe is a cocktail blending this liqueur stirred with a dash of their butterscotch liqueur. I’ve not tried it, but let me know in the comments if you do!


The colour is a light golden colour with some good legs on the glass from the 18% ABV. I think the body looks thinner than I imagined given I was expecting similarities with Drambuie, but Friary seem to keep their mead drinks from being overly sweet.


The alcohol from the whisky give this a strong nose with the spirit dominant over a subtle honey base.


The taste is a medium sweet to medium taste. The whisky definitely lengthens the finish with a familiar alcohol burn and heat.

I think I might have had it a little warm at first as chilling it slightly mellows out the spirit heat to bring through more of the honey flavours.

The combination of whisky and honey is definitely a warming one (there’s a reason hot toddies exist) and there are elements of butterscotch that emerge by themselves, even without adding actual butterscotch liqueur as they recommend.