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Lyme Bay Westcountry Mead

A mead from Lyme Bay Winery that has recently won a Taste of the West gold award in 2016. The added spices strictly make this drink is a metheglin rather than a pure mead.

This is one of three spiced offerings from Lyme Bay. See also their Tournament mead spiced with ginger or their excellent Christmas mead.


A light orange-brown colour that appears like most of the darker meads such as Lyme Bay’s traditional mead, but somewhat on the lighter side of that category.


The nose offers a warm, sweet bouquet. There is a subtle amount of spice in the aroma. There are notes of heather among the honey flavours.


There is a definite spice on the initial taste that is drawn out to the finish. The main body of the taste brings in small amounts of the sweet, caramel flavour typical of Lyme Bay’s traditional mead. Overall the balance between sweetness and spice is well constructed, complex and pairs wonderfully with Welsh cakes!

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