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Afon Mêl Blackberry Mead

Picture of Afon Mêl Blackberry Mead

Another melomel from New Quay Honey Farm and this time with blackberry.

Blackberry is a fruit that pairs a bit more with savoury foods than, say, raspberry. Meat dishes such as duck would be ideal, but it’s best to avoid anything too acidic, salty or bitter. Many simple meat dishes like chicken might well pair just as nicely.

Cheese is acidic and salty, but on many occasions I have paired baked Camembert with blackberries, so I might be tempted to ignore the advice and pull this mead out next time I serve it.


There is a deep, tawny colour in the body. It is a little lighter than the raspberry version, but quite similar otherwise.


The aroma is more subtle than the raspberry and apricot meads. Unsurprisingly, the nose is mainly blackberry notes with even the alcohol seeming quite muted.


The initial taste is a gentle balance of tartness and sweetness. The honey and alcohol provide a pleasing tingle that leads into a slight dryness for the finish. This mead drinks nicely on its own without begging to be used as a dessert wine — something you might find with the bolder fruit flavours.

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