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Pennard Organic Pure Honey Mead

This is a medium-sweet Pure Honey Mead from Avalon Vineyard. It is the only mead they produce (if you don’t count the mead liqueur. It is only 12% ABV and approved by the Soil Association for its adherence to organic standards.


This has quiet a vibrant yellow colour I have seen in a lot of meads, particularly pure honey ones. There is a reasonable amount o viscosit despite the alcoholic strength being only 12% ABV.


There is a strong nose on this one. There is a distinctiveness in the honey aromas and a sharpness balancing out the sweetness.


The taste is definitely not a sweet one and more in the medium category. There is a nice honey flavour in the initial sip, but the taste isn’t very long or complex afterwards.

The body feels like thin, which makes it quaffable if medium-sweet is your thing, but it does not put in the category of warming, winter meads. It is probably the exact sweet-dry balance I would expect from a producer that makes a lot of scrumpy, so maybe this would make an excellent base for a Cyser or melomel.

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