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The Rookery Ginger Mead

Picture of Rookery Ginger Mead

This is the ginger version of the “Scottish Craft Mead” produced by The Rookery. It is a more subtle, gentler metheglin than the lavender counterpart.

The bottle advertises fresh ginger root with Scottish heather honey which comes together for a gentle, refreshing drink.

This is a good mead for drinking by itself, but there may be some adventurous food pairings you could try. Let us know in the comments if you find one! The warming sensation of the ginger might make this a good mead for the Autumn and Winter months.


The colour is somewhat orange, but with a clarity that allows the light to shine through.


The ginger is subtle in the aroma. Some robust honey notes stand strong. A bit of a swirl around the glass does liven up the ginger though.


I’m normally not as keen on any drink that overdoes the ginger flavouring as it makes a drink difficult to finish. Normally, I opt for things that have a subtle hint of the spice and this mead is somewhere in between the extremes.

The initial taste hits with a robust taste from the honey that mellows out to a strong ginger spice on the finish. This gives a complexity where a strong body holds the spice as opposed to a weaker drink that would be overpowered by it.