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Zymurgorium Cyser Craft Cider (Honey Cider)

I was greeted with a virtual geyser of fizz on opening this one. Whether warm or chilled, this is a lively Cyser (honey cider or mead with apples). This comes from the Manchester-based Zymurgorium “craft” meadery, distillery, brewery and cidery.

This is definitely a brew out of the recent wave of “craft” brewers. The bottle design, copy and graphics all give an air of hipsterism.

In their own words:

Being Able To Make Great Cider Means Having Great Responsibility As It Has To Be Refreshing, Flavoursome & Delicate All In One Glorious Sip. In This Cider We Have Cranked Up The Gradient Of satisfaction By Using Cloudy Unfiltered Pressed Apple Juice and The Wonder Sugar That is honey. The World’s only non-man made glucose syrup Makes This Cider Sunshine in A Bottle!

The alcoholic strength comes in at 5.5%, which is reasonable for a cider.


The drink is cloudy and unfiltered like many cloudy ciders. The fizz is incredibly lively to be more akin to a Champagne than a sparkling cider.


This one is quite timid on the nose. There are subtle hints of the pressed apple juice, but nothing too notable.


There is a definite apple and scrumpy-style cider taste, but it is mellowed and less “punchy” than many scrumpy ciders. It’s not so much a taste of honey that is mellowing the apple taste, but more a crisp dryness which would suggest a lot of the sugar is fermented away.

Where to buy

Seems to be no longer available.