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Zymurgorium Superior Craft Mead

The highlight for me with all Zymurgorium meads is the rather unique descriptions on the back of the bottles. The description for their pure honey “craft” mead is no different.

In their own words:


So we as humans have been living alongside alcoholic beverages for like forever, so imagine your great great great…(10,000 years)… great Grandad this is what he was sitting by the fire with talking about how long a day he had had wrestling mammoth with his pointy-stick! This Is the original Godfather that shook the world and it only took 10,000 years to perfect in our awesome meadery! If all things retro are cool then this is the bottom of the thermometer!


Clearer than than most meads — closer to an off-dry white wine in terms of colour. The drink is sparkling, but the fizz is very subtle.


A subtle nose of honey. There isn’t a strong aroma. It’s worth noting that a typical beer/cider strength of 5.5% ABV means that this drink is not overpowered with alcohol as you would get with meads made in line with wines.


A pleasant semi-sweet drink. The dryness allows more of the honey taste itself to come through without the sugar masking it. The fizz is subtle enough not to be noticed, but definitely adds to the mouthfeel and taste.